Hi, I'm Shannon! I'm an artist and graphic designer in Denver, CO. After seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey I knew I wanted to help, but I wasn't sure what to do. So I started researching where to donate money for relief efforts, but I just felt like my small donation wasn't going to be enough. It was then that I decided to put my design skills to work in order to support the relief efforts in a way that far exceeds any individual check I could write.
So I've designed two t-shirts — with 100% of the profits/proceeds going towards relief efforts. Meaning I stand to benefit ZERO from this financially. It's all about using design to bring people together in a time of need. 
Want to know more about the fundraiser including where the money is going exactly? I've listed the charities that are currently benefiting from this fundraiser on the FAQ page and I recently wrote a blog post about how I chose those particular charities. 
I also have a background in fundraising and charity work. It's actually what I love doing most as a designer. In 2014, I was the event co-chair for the 10th Anniversary ADCD Paper Fashion Show — which raised $5,000 for the Downton Aurora Visual Arts to help fun after-school art programming for kinds a high-risk community in Aurora. 
I also sat on the board of directors for The Art Directors Club of Denver for three years, where I was the Digital Chair — responsible for maintaining the website, email newsletters, and social media accounts. 
In the end, I feel like coming together as Americans is of the upmost importance right now, in the current political climate.  So now that you know a little bit more about me, I hope you'll join me in supporting those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma! Because in the end, we belong to each other.