Where do proceeds go?

    All of my time, designs, and efforts are donated so that 100% of the profits go to support victims of the recent hurricanes. Currently I'm sending all profits to the following charitable organizations:

    "Come Hell or High Water" T-shirts & Tote Bags

        "Together We Weather the Storm" T-shirts, Tote Bags & Stickers 

        Want to know more these charities or about my selection process? Check out my blog post for more info.


        Are you sure it's not a scam? I've been waiting awhile for my tees, which makes me nervous. 

        Yes! I'm just a small business owner and designer from Colorado, trying to help out in a time of need. You can take a look at my business page through the links on the About page. I'm just lending my design skills and partnering with others who want to make a difference to make a bigger impact than what can be done individually.  

        Since it's just me, trying to do some good, please be patient as I work to print and ship the tees to you. All of my time is donated and I am not funded by any of your money. As in, I'm not getting much free time or sleep because I'm doing this in addition to the work I do for my paying clients — which I'm happy to do as long as the donations are flowing. 


        How do I know that all profits are really going to where you've said?

        In short, because I'm not a thief. I've also been in contact with these charities to let them know what I'm doing. I'd look like a real jerk if I backed out!  

        And once I process orders, the books will be published online so you can see where every penny went.

        You can also learn more about me and my mission on the About page :) 


        What do you mean by 100% profits?

        Profits mean everything that doesn't go directly to materials to make the goods you're buying. In other words, the only money I'm not giving directly to charity is to cover the cost of the actual materials to make and ship the shirts themselves: shirts, ink, screens, envelope, postage.

        Time, designs, effort, marketing, web hosting, etc. is ALL donated. 




        What size shirt should I order?

        Check out the size chart to find your perfect fit.


        What's your return policy?

        What you see is what you get, so all sales are final.  If you get a shirt and it doesn't fit or you don't like it, find someone who does and give them the best gift ever.

        If what you receive is not the same as what is on your order sheet, contact me and I'll make it right.


        Oops, I ordered the wrong size/have a different address/need to change my order.

        Send me an email at, and in the subject line put "ORDER CHANGE" or "ADDRESS CHANGE" and your order number.  

        Give me your info, and we'll change it before it gets shipped.


        Where is my shirt?

        I'm currently shipping everything out USPS First Class Package which takes 2-3 business days, and I typically send the shipment out the same day (depending on the time of order). 

        If I've let you know that your shirt has shipped and you haven't received your shirt yet (and you should have), email me at


        I'm having technical issues trying to buy a shirt.  What should I do?

        Depends on your error. You may be having an issue with the Shopify site (where our site is hosted). I will post solutions to known errors here and on our Facebook page, but here are some general solutions:

        • Try again. (Sometimes the websites are getting overwhelmed and need a minute.)
        • Clear out your cache, and try again.
        • Wag your finger at the screen and give the internet a stern talking to.


        You didn't answer my question. How do I get in touch with you?

        Go to the Contact page here, and submit a general inquiry. Since I have only so many hands and hours to work, I'll answer all requests that you send me personally, usually within 24-48 hours; however, it helps me if you can read the above FAQ section. Many, many answers can be found there.

        If you get a general answer, know that I like you, appreciate your support, but either only have a general answer for you or don't have the time to answer as extensively as I'd love to on each email. It is my goal to give you personalized service, and I'm determined to get you an answer if you have a question!